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Afresco 60 cm Black Induction and Ceramic Combo Cooktop (AC881)

  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Colour: Black
  • Brand: Afresco
  • Type: Cooktops
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Afresco 60 cm Black Induction and Ceramic Combo Cooktop (AC881)
Afresco 60 cm Black Induction and Ceramic Combo Cooktop (AC881)
Afresco 60 cm Black Induction and Ceramic Combo Cooktop (AC881)
Afresco 60 cm Black Induction and Ceramic Combo Cooktop (AC881)

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Weight 13.5 kg
Dimentions (W x H x D) "59.2 x 9.5 x 52.2 cm"

  • 4 Cooking zones
  • Automatic pan sens
  • Automatic safety switch off
  • Timer and Child lock keys
  • Touch controls
  • Finish: Black crystal glass
  • Rated Wattage: 1200W (left up), 2000W (left down), 1800W (right up), 1200W (right down). Total:6000W
  • Rated Voltage: 220-240V
  • Max Current: 28.19A
  • Dimensions (width x depth x hight): 592 mm x 522 mm x 95 mm

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Afresco 60 cm Electrical, 4 Hobs 2 in 1 Combo, Black Ceramic Glass, 2 Induction and 2 Ceramic heating elements, Touch screen control cooktop






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This cooktop has a unique combination of the latest technology induction and classic ceramic heating methods of cooking. This combination utilises ALL the advantages of BOTH popular electrical methods of cooking and avoids limitations of each of them. Some other products in the market may be cheaper but they do not offer the flexibility and functionality of this unit.

This Cooktop is designed to be Build-In. It can be used as a Portable appliance but power connection must be done by licensed electrician.

Afresco 60 cm Black Induction and Ceramic Combo Cooktop consists of 2 induction hobs (left side, suitable ferro-magnetic cockware) and 2 ceramic hobs (right side, suitable for any cookware).

All the cookers have the touch-screen control buttons and are very simple to operate. The ceramic hobs have additional timer key and child-lock key functions. Timer key has 24 hours time setting. The first touch of this key will show “00:00” on the display screen, the last two "00" will flash, then touching “+” or “-“ of the key will set the minutes. Timing of every short-touch is 1minute, timing of every long-touch is 5 minutes.

Child-lock key: the single touch of the key will lock all the other keys except the “ON/OFF” key. The double touch will unlock all other keys.

Benefits of Afresco 2 in 1 Combo Induction and Ceramic cooktop

This new exciting induction cooking technology has many advantages compared with traditional electric and gas cooking but some limitations as well.

An induction cooker transfers electrical energy by inductin from a coil of copper wire into a metal cookware that must be ferromagnetic. The coil is mounted under the cooking surface, and a large alternating current is passed through it. The current creates a changing magnetic field. When an electrically conductive pot is brought close to the cooking surface, the magnetic field induces an electrical current in the pot. This current, flowing through the electrical resistance of the metal produces heat. The pot/pan gets hot and heats its contents by heat conduction.

This form of flameless electrical cooking has certain advantages over conventional gas flame and electric cooktops.It provides rapid heating, improved thermal efficiency, and greater heat consistency, yet with precise temperature control similar to a gas stove and safer to use .

In situations in which a hotplate would typically be dangerous , an induction plate is ideal, as it creates no heat itself. The induction effect does not heat the heating elements and surface of the cooktop to pass the heat to the cookware and the air around it.

Because the surface of the cooktop is only heated from contact with the cookware, the possibility of a burn injury is significantly less than with other methods.

The high efficiency of power transfer into the cookware makes heating food faster on an induction cooking surface than on other traditional electric stoves.

Because of the high efficiency, an induction element has heating performance comparable to a typical consumer-type gas element, even though the gas burner would have a much higher power input. It allows instant control of cooking energy similar to gas burners.

Induction cookers are safer to use than conventional cookers because there are no open flames. The surface below the cookware is no hotter than the cookware itself , only the pan generates heat and passes it to the surface of induction cooker .

Afresco induction cookers are easy to clean because the glass cooking surface is flat and smooth, even though it may have several heating zones. Since the cooking surface is not directly heated, spilled food does not burn on the surface.

The control system shuts down the element if a pot is not present or not large enough.

Since heat is being generated by an induced electric current, the unit can detect whether cookware is present (or whether its contents have boiled dry) by monitoring how much power is being absorbed. That allows the cooker to maintain temperature for cooking different dishes and to automatically turn an element off when cookware is removed.

Cookware for the Ceramic part of the cooktop will be generally the same as used on other stoves.

Efficiency and environmental impact

Test results show that the efficiency of energy transfer for an induction cooktops is greater than for electric or gas cooktops resulting in savings in cost and energy usage.

Note:Persons with implanted cardiac pacemakers or other electronic medical implants may be advised by their doctors to avoid proximity to induction cooking surfaces and other sources of magnetic fields.


For use Induction hobs, cookware must be compatible with induction heating. It must have a flat bottom since the magnetic field drops rapidly with distance from the surface with minimum diameter 12 cm .Induction cooktops work well with any pans with a high ferrous metal content at the base. Cast iron pans and black metal or iron pans will work on an induction cooking surface. Solid copper, solid aluminum, glass and ceramic cookware do not work on induction cookers. Stainless steel pans with magnetic grade base will work on induction cookers.

The Cooktop's display will shows error code "E1" if cookware is Not Compatible with Induction cooking or too light/small to be recognised by safety switch sensors.

Practical test: If a simple fridge magnet sticks well to the sole of the pan, it will work on an induction cooktop.

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